March 23, 2019

Facebook Ads Training Course

Facebook Ads Training Course

Facebook Ads Training Course

Facebook Marketing from beginner to advanced. Discover exactly how to grow your business with Facebook Advertising in this online training course and more in 2019!

Welcome to my course that will teach you the incredible and effective Facebook ads strategies I use to gain followers every month.

Price: NGN25,000.   Duration: 2 Days

My name’s Hussaini Kwaifa and I’m an entrepreneur with a collection of online business that each generates profit, a lot of which comes from Facebook ads.

In just one of my Facebook ads accounts, you’ll see that advertising has made me some profit. This is just to show you how powerful advertising can be, even for one person.

So, what are my Facebook ads strategies? You’ll be getting live on-screen demonstrations for each of them throughout this course:

What you’ll learn

  • Generate leads and sales using Facebook Ads
  • Fully understand different types of Facebook Ads and objectives
  • Create custom audiences for retargeting
  • Improve conversion tracking on their website
  • Why Facebook ads are important for our businesses
  • Why people fail at Facebook ads and you can avoid these mistakes
  • See how to create different types of Facebook Ads (hands-on demos)
  • Build custom audiences form your email list & website visitors
  • Create and install Facebook pixel for conversion tracking


  • Have a personal profile/account on Facebook.
  • Willingness to learn and take action