March 16, 2019

Instagram Training Course

Instagram Training Course

Learn how to gain authentic Instagram followers…

Learn how to use Instagram, from beginner basics to advanced techniques, with our 1-on-1 training tutorials

Instagram is a popular photo-sharing social network. It’s second only to Facebook, and new members are joining every day. This course will help curious or intimidated new Instagram users get up to speed quickly.

Hussaini Kwaifa explains how to install the Instagram app, find and follow users, and take and post pictures. Then learn how to use Instagram filters, use captions and hashtags, and develop a community of followers. Plus, find out how to build Instagram stories—a sequence of photos and videos that expire after a day—and message other users.

What you’ll learn

Discover how to get better results faster with Instagram. Showcase your brand’s personality, connect with potential customers and even drive sales through video and images. Plus, Instagram provides great content for other social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and even your website!

  • Exactly how to create a business presence on Instagram
  • The steps to growing your presence
  • Content optimization for better results
  • Managing best practices
  • Advanced tips and tricks to grow results
  • Grow your Instagram account and increase your number of followers
  • Convert your Instagram followers into leads and Paying Customers
  • How to set up a powerful Instagram account that will attract the RIGHT kind of followers
  • Increase your engagement on your Instagram posts
  • Make the influencers work with you but for you
  • How to leverage Instagram algorithm to grow your account

Whether you are a complete beginner or advanced user, you’ll find practical and actionable ways to get results.


In this course, we are going to explain:

  • Things that you have to know when you start.
  • How to grow your account.
  • How to make money using your profile on Instagram.
  • How to increase your engagement on your Instagram posts
  • How to boost your sales and attract more clients.
  • How to work with influencers.

The Goal is:

To have social proof for your business and brand awareness.

To build or grow our email list and to make strategic partnerships, winning in the long run.

To make sales for your business.

You have to know that this journey is not so easy as it seems. It takes a lot of work and 90% of people fail cause they are not making the correct steps.

But the advantage is that you do not have to spend money to make money, you can grow organically and find success, the key is discipline and consistency.

I am not here for you to lose your time, with unimportant stuff, and the course has the foundation of my personal experience, and what I do for my clients to make money for their accounts.

So let’s dive in.

My Approach

I have practical experience and I know what is good or bad, cause I test every month in my digital marketing agency, managing more than 50 accounts per month and I can teach you what is working and how to succeed.

I don’t want you to get bored and we will go straight to the subject.

The info is easy to follow and I guarantee that you will have success with your account if you follow my steps and pieces of advice.

Enroll NOW and create an Instagram account that will be a source of income for you.

See you on the inside!